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As part of the regular training regime in the world of soccer, it is important to find the right drills to develop some crucial predispositions for improvements in this noble game. Agility, stamina, strength are some of the physical attributes, while dribbling, shooting, passing etc are some of the more practical attributes the players must develop in drills. The truth is there is no complete player without both and a drill that fully prepares the player for the game is the one with agility ladder drills.

Agility ladder drills, is used to improve the agility of the player, but also improve his or hers coordination of the lower-body muscles and explosive strength. Agility can be defined as the ability of the player to move quickly in a small area and react to it in the fastest way possible.  It should also propel you to enhance the movement of your legs, when being placed in a specific position, when you need to react quickly. This drill has no preference to any positions in soccer, meaning it is useful for any position on the field. It can enhance reflexes from the goalkeeper, movement by the defender, dribbling by the winger or midfielder and striker positioning as well.

Speed agility ladder can be placed at any surface and can have up to ten sticks within the ladder. The movements in this drill can vary from small and large hops, stepping to both sides (right and left) but the most common feature at the end is to perform a small sprint. This eases the body muscle and let them have a final push after this drill and it is highly recommended.


Icky shuffle is arguably the one of the most well-known agility ladder drills out there. The drill follows three moves in the ladder; in, out and up. The foot that remains in the ladder is the one that eventually must go up. You switch movement from right and left, but always maintaining that one leg must be in the ladder. The drill can be repeated numerous times, by jogging back to the beginning. It is advised to do the movement slowly first and then as fast as possible, because direction changes will most likely come in a similar fashion.

5 Hops and run is another well-known agility ladder drill. By placing the ladder on the field, just put your legs together and jump five times up ahead on the ladder. After that, you must run through the remaining of the ladder, assuring that each ladder field is being touched. This can serve for explosive strength and learning how to manage your capabilities. 

One of the most used agility ladder drills is the Crossover run, which is great for dribblers and those that seek ball control. By placing yourself sideways, you must propel yourself throughout the ladder, while placing one leg over the other. Mastering this technique assures great ball leading and possession.

Agility ladder drills has many variations and we have presented the most basic ones. While the description itself can be confusing, due to the nature of the drill, video is very easy to catch upon and after a few tries it will certainly go inside your mind.