1) I notice buttons in each rung. How easy to unravel and repackage? Better or worse than those that kinda just slide open and close?

Answer: The buttons are to connect one ladder to another ( if you buy another) . To storage it and put back in the little back that comes with it is easy, you just need to fold it . But , prepare yourself to untangle it . It really happens easily.

2) Is the distance between the rungs pre-set? Can I adjust the distance between rungs?

Answer: The rungs are pre-set but adjustable. They slide up and down on the nylon strap but they stay pretty well put unless you adjust them.

3) It’s windy where I live, is there a way to secure the ladder to the ground ?

Answer: Some of our customers use weights in the corners to keep the ladder down in windy situations, the best way would be to peg it down using some inexpensive metal or hard plastic pegs this then copes with all wind situations.

4) Can this be used on a basketball court?

Answer: The Sport Perfomance agility ladder is often used on basketball courts as well similar gymnasium indoor environments. The Sport Perfomance agility ladder is also equipped with rings and pegs so that it can be fully secured outdoors especially in windy areas or in challenging weather.

5) How long is it?

Answer: The ladder is 4m long. We decided on this popular length due to the choice of customers.

6) Is this item easy to use?

Answer: Easy to set up with its buckles, and easy to clean up after using. It comes with a carrying bag when done you can just roll up the ladder and put it in the bag.

7) Is the item durable?

Answer: Yes, this item is made of durable nylon straps for good stability.

8) How many rungs does the ladder have?

Answer: 8