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Agility ladder certainly counts as one of the most useful workout items out there and it can bring your agility, flexibility and strength to a maximum.  

While the internet is full with exercises and ways to use your agility ladder properly, you can also notice that its design is not something special and it is basically very easy to build one your own. Besides the obvious reasons (saving money etc. ) you can also have some fun developing a workout tool you can use and adjust some parameters to your own needs.

For the start of the developing process, you will need about 30ft of webbing. A usual speed agility ladder is about 15ft long, so the 30ft projected length is for both sides. Then, you need 17ft of colored duct tape so that you can place that on the side of the webbing. Notice that the space between each “stick” should be around 18 inches.


You will need to cut this duct tape to 11 pieces, with the width of ladder should be around 20 inches, just so you have enough space to perform. This part is however optional for users, as you can make the ladder flexible and adjusted to your needs as possible.

When you considered every measure, you can say that this is enough. However, it might be the best to sew the tape to the webbing, so it remains attached to it the whole time. Sometimes you will be eager to exercise, but this small distraction might be a difference between another hamburger or 200 calories burnout. 

If you think a duct tape would be a questionable quality, you can pick up 11 pieces of wooden sticks and nail them to the webbing as well.

One of the major flaws of this is however that it may not be practical to keep up and will eventually break. The truth is that all the material can cost up to 13$ anyway so the process of saving money is actually pretty weak. What is crucial to this project, is the possibility of making your own agility ladder and adjust it to your needs. That means making the ladder longer and the space between the sticks narrower, depending on your requirements.

Building your own speed agility ladder is certainly an entertaining task and something that is a lot of fun, on the other hand buying a professional agility ladder is “safe bet” . If you come near the step of deciding this workout tool is he right for you, spend no time and act quickly, whether through some manufacture process and selecting the most affordable agility ladder online.