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Individual sports require a lot of movement , agility and many athletes are after the most useful techniques and drills to perfect that component of their body. One of the sports where agility plays a major role is of course tennis, where the player must be able to switch positions and movement in all moments during a single match. (more…)


As part of the regular training regime in the world of soccer, it is important to find the right drills to develop some crucial predispositions for improvements in this noble game. Agility, stamina, strength are some of the physical attributes, while dribbling, shooting, passing etc are some of the more practical attributes the players must develop in drills. The truth is there is no complete player without both and a drill that fully prepares the player for the game is the one with agility ladder drills. (more…)

Would you like to maximize your agility training but still do as coach many mistakes? What are the biggest mistakes and what do you get if you get rid of them? We all want to believe in miracles and with appearance of agility ladder in training routines, just like with all other techniques before, (more…)

Speed is important for any sport. At some point in every sport every athlete may be required to run fast

Acceleration is a significant part of every sport, and maximal speed training and assessment has an essential role if coaches want to make their athletes better. What follows five important steps. The takeaway is that getting athletes to run mechanically sound and fast is a great investment in time for nearly every sport (more…)


Speed Agility ladder as a supplement in training improve speed, agility, coordination and overall quickness.

Agility ladder drills as a warm up routine prior to your workout. A good warm up prevents injuries and prepares the body for the workout. Speed agility ladder as a warm up instrument is appropriate because it increases a heart rate and challenges footwork and coordination of an athlete. (more…)

Speed agility ladder is a popular equipment used by athletes or trainers when they want to increase their vertical jump, speed, balance and coordination.

Speed agility ladder is a popular equipment used by athletes or trainers when they want to increase their vertical jump, speed, balance and coordination. And of course, as the name suggests it improves your agility. (more…)