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Your arms are directly connected to your legs in speed and agility. The faster your arms go, the faster your legs will go. While doing the agility ladder drills, there are 3 things you should  focus on:     

There are many ways to workout when someone is looking to stay in shape. Sure, doing cardio drills and lifting weights can be good, but there is more. For instance, what about the connection between your mind and your body (more…)

Agility training is extremely important in sports and whether a person has natural agility or not they can benefit greatly from agility drills. Agility ladder drills are specifically helpful and can benefit athletes and improve their agility in a variety of sports.  (more…)


Agility ladder certainly counts as one of the most useful workout items out there and it can bring your agility, flexibility and strength to a maximum.   (more…)

Agility can be described as the ability to switch the direction your body is heading, without losing balance or any stability. This ease in movement is very important in every sport and improving your ability can make your balance, quickness, mobility and explosiveness much better and therefore make you a better athlete.


The speed agility ladders are great for children and youth as they are easy to use and can teach the young athlete how to get their feet moving quickly in repeatable pattern

Agility is known as the ability to change the body’s position efficiently and uses a combi-nation of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance. Sports requires players to move, whether it’s forward, backwards or sideways (more…)


Individual sports require a lot of movement , agility and many athletes are after the most useful techniques and drills to perfect that component of their body. One of the sports where agility plays a major role is of course tennis, where the player must be able to switch positions and movement in all moments during a single match. (more…)


As part of the regular training regime in the world of soccer, it is important to find the right drills to develop some crucial predispositions for improvements in this noble game. Agility, stamina, strength are some of the physical attributes, while dribbling, shooting, passing etc are some of the more practical attributes the players must develop in drills. The truth is there is no complete player without both and a drill that fully prepares the player for the game is the one with agility ladder drills. (more…)

We all want to believe in miracles and with appearance of agility ladder in training routines, just like with all other techniques before, everybody thinks that they can input minimum effort and change their body and health dramatically.  (more…)

Speed is important for any sport. At some point in every sport every athlete may be required to run fast

Speed training develops endurance

It is one thing if an athlete can perform at the peak speed for short period time, but most competitions and contests require athletes to perform at the top velocity frequently for the entire competition. (more…)