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Agility can be described as the ability to switch the direction your body is heading, without losing balance or any stability. This ease in movement is very important in every sport and improving your ability can make your balance, quickness, mobility and explosiveness much better and therefore make you a better athlete.

While agility significantly improves these features, it is very important to also notice that it can lower the risk of potential injuries that might occur. You often witness a soccer player making a wrong turn on his ankle, which is an injury that keeps you out of action for several months.

A very useful training equipment in achieving that goal in agility ladder, that helps the athlete to acknowledge several different moving samples. Agility ladder are enabling you to shift your position in all possible directing, while also improving footwork and move your feet quickly through them. They are easy to carry and can be used in all environment.

By quickly repeating a certain drill, the feet can adopt very fast samples of movement and therefore get used to the pattern and improve overall leg-movement, stamina and quickness. It is also expected that, over the time of course, you can narrow the gap between your feet when quickly working on the ladder, which can benefit your movement further.

Agility ladder are also very useful as an equipment in achieving flexibility with your body, especially your feet. Tennis players and soccer as well know that flexibility is highly important in making any sudden moves in the match. A more nutritive goals is however, that these exercises burn fat very quick, improving your stamina and eliminating unnecessary pounds.

If you imagine the following situation you will see why agility ladder also improves your speed and running skills. If your team (in soccer) takes the ball surprisingly and makes a pass towards you, you must quickly turn into “second gear” and make a sprint towards the ball. That is achieved easily with this equipment. In this case, balance and co-ordination also play a huge role and you can also improve those components with the agility ladder workout. There are number of exercise that can improve your balance and coordination.

When it comes to musculature perks of agility ladder, your joints and ligaments profit mostly from these exercises. We all know how dangerous it is to stretch your body out of the maximum capacity it can handle, so improving your ligaments is very important to an athlete. This can be useful in overall health as well, as once you make your body more functional, you are more injury-safe and can play better for longer periods of time.