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You might intend to quit running in a straight line and begin zigzagging as an alternative. A new study research coming from Flying Force Laboratory presents that agility training can easily enhance your intellectual functionality.   


The main goal of this study was to understand how does the agility training influences physical and cognitive performance. In total forty-one participants, currently under military technical workouts were split into 2 crowds for 42 days of intensive training.

Army workers were actually sorted into two groups for 6 full weeks of training. The initial group joined the military’s regular physical training (jogging with calisthenics, like jumping jacks ) while the second group went through the agility training (agility ladder drills and shuttle runs).

First group went through a classical military physical training based on calisthenics and running. The second group doubled the number of exercises of the other group but followed agility training as the main mechanism of training. The elements measured before and after the training period were consisting of physical and cognitive tests including memory and visual checks.

Outcome showed a substantial boost in endurance of the traditional training group. Nevertheless, the agility training group showed a substantial gain in VO2, agility, visual vigilance and steady memory

Conclusively it has been confirmed that agility training is as powerful or more powerful than physical training regarding body fitness. On the top of it, it is very likely to be more powerful than physical training when it comes to memory, vigilance and physical agility. The recommendation is to factor agility training into physical training courses as a direction to improve the subject’s overall performance.

Agility training integrates elements from discovering, focus, balance and coordination points out research  study co-author Erica M. Johnson, Ph.DThis  kind of training can easily activate wealthier connections among  several brain locations by requiring them to work together, she mentions.

Alongside intellectual functionality, there are various other advantages to agility trainingAdding selection to  your workout| routine can  assist  you stay away from exhaustion and plateaus she mentionsAgility training  might be an additional| way in order to help you fulfill your workout goals while keeping your body and mind  active.

If  it is difficult to leave your running routine or even usual workout sessions, spread in some footwork  drills on times when  you are strength training. Watch the video agility training benefits below so you  can get your body—and your mind—going.